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A collection of photos and blog entries from the production of OAFA.


Making OAFA was not only a labor of love for it's writer/ director Cory Reeder, but also for everyone involved in the production. Short days were 12 hours, and the longest days were up to 20 hours long. Almost everyone worked for copy, meals, credit and gas, so the teamwork aspect, and sacrifices were felt by all. For a full list of everyone who put a piece of their soul into the show, please visit:

Jennifer June Ross - HER
Cory Reeder - HIM
Hollis Sherman-Pepe - BARTENDER
Hollis awaits direction
Two cameras, One Robert Flowers
Cory, Jenn w/ members of Killjoy
Anthony taking in some light reading
Robert Flowers, quality of light
Green screen driving shots
Carol Vanegas producing
Rod Portier picking up shots
Watching playback
Cory with Ryan Duddley of The Cellar
Writer/ Director/ Producer/ AC...
Melissa Cobb on set
Zach Driscol lighting a scene
Linnea Johnstone last looks
Lawson Deming framing up
Ian McGlocklin checking focus
Federico Kurschinski standing in
Cory and Rod get the downward spiral
Indie hood mount
Justin Browne w/ Soren Viuf and Ian
Cory directing the shot
Ian and Soren leveling sticks
Jen taking a break
Rod getting in some exercise on set
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